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Software for the Property Manager, Condominium and Home Owners Associations.
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Initialize MyCommunity

Don't want to do your own data entry to get started?

No problem, we will do it for you! 


Just give us your completed Member Surveys and/or Property Address List and you're finished! Or if you have an excel spreadsheet with the information, we will import the data for you.


Also, with a little more information from you, we will load your communities documents (CC&R's, Declarations, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Meeting Minutes, Financials, Budgets, Audits, to name a few), create letter templates for your community so you have a consistant letter format.


If your community will be using MyCommunity accounting features, we will be glade to enter your initial financial information. Just provide us with your last financial statement and bank balances. We will then setup your chart of accounts with their initial amounts.


If there is anything else, just Contact Us  or give us a call and we will get you going.


Now you are ready to begin enjoying MyCommunity!

The Pricing below is a one time charge for initializing your community data.

Initialize Members

Community with 1 - 100 Member Surveys:
Community with 101 - 200 Member Surveys:
Community with 201 - 300 Member Surveys:
Community with 301 - 400 Member Surveys:
Community with 401 - 500 Member Surveys:
For greater than 500 Member Surveys:
Member information provided in an Excel Spreadsheet:
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Initialize Property Addresses

Community with 1 - 100 Addresses:
Community with 101 - 200 Addresses:
Community with 201 - 300 Addresses:
Community with 301 - 400 Addresses:
Community with 401 - 500 Addresses:
For greater than 500 Addresses:
Property information provided in an Excel Spreadsheet:
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Community Documents

Scanning and upload of paper documents as PDF files:
Upload of electronic documents (PDF, Doc, Docx, Html):
Create letter templates:
Other requirements:
$1.00 per page
$5.00 ea.
$75.00 ea.
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Community Accounting

Setup chart of accounts and enter starting amounts:
Accounts Receivable (member must already exist):
Accounts Payable (Vendor must already exist):
Sales Items (these are fees and charges that may be billed for):
Other requirements:
$2.00 per member
$2.00 per vendor
$50.00 per budget
$2.00 per item
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If you prefer, call us today at (813) 985-6386
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