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Online Training and Coaching

Maybe your Condo or HOA could use a little help understanding and using your MyCommunity site. We can help to get people to be better, more consistent users.


We have consultants with years of experience who can give you tips and provide specific material based on your individual needs to get you to the level of success you want and need. And if we are not sure we will try to put you in touch with other professional that can help.


Or your community has hired a new property manager or a new member of the Board of Directors was just elected and don't have time to catch him or her up on the inner workings of your MyCommunity site?


Perhaps the person acting as your Administrative Assistant left the community and you need to bring someone else up to speed.


Maybe you just want to have someone walk you through the whole package one feature at a time, at your pace.


We will gladly work with you or your administrator to get you to the highest possible level of confidence and expertise.


How it works:

Our Online Training and Coaching service usually consists of a telephone conference call combined with our technician connecting to your computer using Microsoft Remote Assistance where we will be able to help you in real-time with your problem. Using this technique we will be able to watch what you are doing or, with your premission, we can take control and coach you step by step. For MAC users there is Google Chrome Remote Desktop. Which may require additional setup.

Not to worry, just Contact Us  or give us a call and we will see what we can do.

Online Training and Coaching

Online Training fee:$75.00 per hour
Get up to 4 hours FREE Online Training and Coaching when you start your first MyCommunityTM - Contact Us Now!
If you prefer, call us today at (813) 985-6386
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