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Software for the Property Manager, Condominium and Home Owners Associations.
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Let our analysts help you determine if you are using MyCommunity in a way that will benefit you the most. 


They will examine details of your usage including such things as:

  • User activity.
  • Number of owners using proxies and ballots
  • Compliance with requests for maintenance.
  • Database maintenance.
  • Site usage.

We will provide a customized report for your community that will highlight areas of concern along with recommendations for how you can improve your usage.

Just Contact Us  or give us a call and we will get started.


Community with 1 - 100 Members:$100.00
Community with 101 - 150 Members:$150.00
Community with 151 - 200 Members:$200.00
Community with 201 - 250 Members:$250.00
Community with 251 - 300 Members:$300.00
Community with 301 - 350 Members:$350.00
Community with 351 - 400 Members:$400.00
Community with 401 - 450 Members:$450.00
Community with 451 - 500 Members:$500.00
For greater than 500 Members:Contact Us
If you prefer, call us today at (813) 985-6386
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