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Software for the Property Manager, Condominium and Home Owners Associations.
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Your community is safe and secure because a login is required to take full advantage of the community of the 21st. century and beyond.
Online Service Requests

Make requests
to management for such things as repairs or information and much more that the Board of Directors can monitor through "Feedback Resolution".
Community Newsletter

Residents are notified by email when your's is published, which supports MS-Word, PDF, or HTML formats.
Handyman Referrals

Residents build their own handyman list, which are evaluating by their neighbors.
Advanced Administration

Administration is easy and no computer guru needed, no need to FTP. Everything can be done from "Administrative Tools".

Managers have their own set of tools to complete their tasks easily. Creating letters, invoices, work orders, backing up data (even locally), and much more.

The Board of Directors also has their own set of tools to help them in overseeing the community.

Data is automatically backed up when the community is accessed.
Interactive Forums

This community comes complete with the proverbial backyard fence where everyone can put in their two cents.
Classifieds & Bulletin Board

As with any good neighborhood, this one comes complete with a bulleting board and classifieds section to buy and sell anything, an electronic yard sale!

Owners may list their property in the classified or post bulletins for all their neighbors to see.

Property listings remain for 6 months and other bulletins for 3 months before being automatically removed.
Community Documents

This is where all those rules and regulations are kept.

As with any organization, the finances of the group is important to all its members. Finanicals, Policies, Procedures, Community Minutes, Legal, Insurance and Vendor documents are available for all to see.

Supports most document formats, MS-Word, PDF, Excel, and Html.

Residents are notified by email when documents are uploaded.
Community Accounting

Complete accounting services may be implemented by the community. The community can select either "Cash Basis" or "Accrual Basis" accounting mode. This also gives all members the ability to view their account activity online.

Communities can elect to offer the convenience of paying dues and fees online. It only requires setting up a merchant account.

Payment processing will be handled by AuthorizeNet.com who accept Credit card, e-check and automatic recurring billing (ARB/ACH) transactions.

Letter Creation

Consistent and meaningful letters are essential to a smooth, well run, community.

Administrators define as many letter definitions as maybe needed. Summary and Detailed reports will help to show the Board of Directors how you are staying on top of issues. This will also help justify you're letter billings.

Up to 4 photo and tracking number, i.e. Certified Mail or UPS Tracking numbers, can be attached to any letter.

Letters are saved for easy retrieval or review and sent via email to recipients.
This can also be handled in the conventional manner of snail mail.

Letters/Documents created by previous management can be uploaded for safe-keeping and easy retrival. Eliminating the expense of saving all those hard copies for years in air-conditioned facilities.
Invoices & Work Orders

To make this part of a managers job easier and traceable we have instituted "Vendor" users. These vendors are required to submit IRS Form W-9 and Certificates of Insurance before they can conduct business with the community.

Work Orders are created and assigned to a vendor, who is notified by email.

Once completed, the Vendor submits an invoice via the community's web site, alerting the manager to process the invoice for payment.
Voting & Polling

From time to time representatives need to know how the membership feels about issues and projects. To this end polls can be created to get a better feel for the desires of the membership.

Proxy voting is also available for the community that wants to streamline their activities to allow online voting for such things as elections and community votes on issues that arise from time to time.

Members are again notified by email.

Because there is much information available to the members of the community from many different locations.

Members can establish links to this information by entering the internet web address and a short description.

These links will then be available to all members to use.
Community Events

The life blood of the community can flow through the events shared by its members.
 Community Events, such as holiday parties, building maintenance projects, swim meets, cleanups, bake sales, to name a few, can be uploaded and announced to the Community to gather and share ideas, meet for social events, and notify member of upcoming events.

Events support RSVP so you know who's coming and a guest list can be easily created.

Supports most document formats, MS-Word, PDF, Excel, and Html.

As always, residents are notified by email.
Linked to Facebook

Users can link to their Facebook accounts, as well as Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.
Easy Imports

Easy importing of existing data from your other systems. Import and Export member and property lists using excel spreadsheets.
Never again will you lose valuable data.

This process alone saves valuable office space. Just imagine, no more rows of filing cabinets. Now it's all on one CD/DVD which can be accessed from anywhere.

Complete year end processing with just the click of a button. Backup the community database and create a Zip File of the community data while deleting data over 7 years old in accordance with IRS practices.

Then save to a safe place or to a CD/DVD for safe keeping.
Local Advertising

It is said that some of the best things in life are free. And your community can use local advertisers to help pay for the communities online presence.
Custom Development

In your community, you're never alone. We at TALogic will always be ready to help in making your online community the best it can be.

As your community uses their web site, additional features may become desirable. We are committed to add new features as the need and demand dictates.

So don't be afraid to let us know what you need to make a better community.
Linked to Twitter

Users can link to their Twitter accounts, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
Background Screening

Your community can do background screening for all perspective tenants and buyers.
Search Documents

To make it easier to find that document you need just use the search feature.
Community Management Tools

Administrations have their own set of tools used to administer the community. Including community and management settings, year end processing, announcements, and many more tools for administrating the community.

The Board of Directors also has their own set of tools to help them in overseeing the community. These include feedback resolution, sending announcements, uploading all community documents, creating polls, and more.

Managers have their own set of tools to complete their tasks easily such as creating letters, invoices, work orders, background screening, monitor members, send announcements, and much more.

Intergrate Outlook calendars to see when and where there are events to participate in.
Make a Payment

The community can pay their monthly fees using their PayPal account or any credit card by clicking the 'Make a Payment' menu option.

Of course, TALogic will always accept checks sent to our corporate address.

Tampa Automated Logic
7819 Niagara Ave.
Tampa, FL 33617
Memorize Transactions & Reports

Save time by memorizing for the future.
Create memorized transactions so you  will NOT have to re-enter recurring transactions.

Memorize customer invoices & payments or vendor bills & payments.
Create memorized accounting reports to be run when ever you like.

For example members monthly maintenance fees, your monthly utility bill, or that monthly Financial Report!
Mobile Devices

Most mobile devices are supported by MyCommunity tm.
Run your community from your smart phone.
Call Log

Staff can log all calls.
Get your Call Log report.
Facility Reservations

Make reservations for community facilities and events.
Mail Documents

TALogic has partnered with  to print and mail your community documents.
Starting at just $0.79 each including all materials, printing and postage.
Mailed by the next business day.
Certified mail and foreign mail is available.

This alone will save your community big time on postage, envelops and stationary.

Try it before you buy it

Email us at:: talogic@talogic.com

Phone: (813) 985-6386

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