Frequently Asked Questions!

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  What is an Online Community

A web site providing an interactive experience for the residents and members of a community.

  Is an Online Community Safe

Yes. Your identity is protected in every aspect of the community.

  Do I Need Special Software

No special software is necessary. Any compatible web browser will work (MS Edge, Firefox, Chrome, etc.). You only need an Internet connection (WiFi).

  Can I Do Our Communities Accounting

MyCommunity™  has fully intergrated community accounting. We offer "Accrual Basis" accounting. There as some 20 financial reports. Reconcialation is easy. We do invoices and statments to be sent to members. Online payments can be processed through Authorize.net or PayPal.

  Do I Have to Sign a Long Term Contract

No. We utilize a simple one year "Service Agreement" that is easily understood by all. Under this agreement you also receive full service support at No Charge during your term.

  Who Owns the Data

The community owns the data. The community data is always safe when changing managers. Just change the privliges and add a new manager when ready. The community can backup their data at anytime using MyCommunity™  "Year End Processing" and save it anywhere they like

  Is There a Free Demo

We offer a free, fully functional, online demo site for you to play around in, consider it your own private sandbox. Where you can try everything and experiment. You may even see how others have implemented different features. (we don't guarantee any acuracy of demo data as this is available to anyone around the world)

  Can My Community Save Money Using MyCommunity

Yes. The savings in time, money and headaches is significant! The most obvious time and money savings can be in printing, publishing, postage, faxing, distributing documents, and answering multiple phone calls and emails as your Web site will enable you to effectively and efficiently disseminate and receive information online.

  How Long Does It Take to  Get a MyCommunity™ Web Site Setup

Your new MyCommunity™ Web site from TALogic will be operational within 24 hours after obtaining your domain name. Then you will have some initial steps to complete, such as uploading community members and addresses. Most communities will have their MyCommunity Web site ready to launch within a few days. Your personal Account Manager will guide you to success. Our "Quick Start Guide" and "Helpful Hints" will be provided to assist you.

  Can I send Email Announcements

Yes. MyCommunity™ gives you the ability to send targeted emails to individual members or mass emails to all members.

  Can I Create and Send Surveys & Voting Proxies

Yes, and the survey/voting proxie will by mass distributed and tracked for results.

 Is There a Member Directory

Yes. And residents are able to update and change contact information. Residents decide what, if any, personal contact information is displayed and can elect to subscribe to email notifications, all from the comfort of their computer.

  Are There Any Additional Add-On's that I will Need to Purchase

No, your site is fully functional and there are no add-on's, no extras to buy.

  Can I print documents

Yes. All documents we produce are in Pdf format and can be shown and printed from the browser. You can create an account with DocuSend to print and mail your documents when you want.

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